Our Philosophy

The most important investment a company can make is toward their identity and the tools that support its growth. Every business must find a way to build trust, show confidence, and in today's culture, create a fan base.

If you value the services you provide and stand behind the products you sell or produce, every piece of collateral and communication medium has to do a great job on its own to sell it.

At Rootspring Studios, we promote a safe and trusting relationship. We provide a high-value service at an affordable price with the intention of showcasing your passion.


Identity and Branding

Identity-imgThis is where it all starts. How much can you communicate with a logo? More than you might think. Shape, lines, color and typography all support a style. Your style opens the door to a relationship with a client and does so by creating an emotional response. Unique iconography helps your company be remembered and recalled later and is universal in language.

Below are a few sample identity marks and logotypes the creative team at Rootspring Studios have seeded into the open market.

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Web-imgWhat is a website? What exactly is it supposed to do? As a business owner, you know what you want your website to do, but perhaps you don't know how. That's where Rootspring Studios comes in.

Starting with a free consultation, Rootspring Studios will evaluate how you operate as a business, how you gain new clients, how you sustain those clients, and how that ties into your website.

A solid Content Management System is key, and the web has a lot of options. What is a Content Management System (CMS) you ask? A CMS is the development framework that our creative designs function within. Virtually anyone can be trained to edit the website's content, pages, forms, products, photos and slide shows, etc. without the need to understand code.

Upon completing the website's design and development, we follow up with 121 coaching for you and your staff on how to manage your website moving forward.

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Print Design and Collateral

With a strong identity and self-sustaining website dialed in, it's time to make sure your print collateral is on the same page. Good print collateral is simple, imformative, intentional and should be fun. Very few companies have the luxury of trully going all digital so be prepared to provide memorable collateral pieces that educate and entice your audience to take action. Rootspring Studios works with a variety of commercial printers to suit any budget for the designs we create.

Common tools every small business should include:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Rack cards
  • Post cards
  • Presentation folders
  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes


Campaign Advertising

Traditional advertising like newsprint, TV, radio and sponsorship does still work. It works when careful thought is put into where you place your ad and whether you can maintain a minimal level of frequency. Integrate your ads together with online and interactive mediums like Facebook, Twitter and online banner ads.

Rootspring Studios can help you formulate an advertising plan that makes sense with your budget. We have great relationships with local publications and are more than capable to negotiate ad package pricing and take the headache out of advertising placement schedules and art deadlines.

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