Our Mission, Our Team


Rootspring Studios emerged into the design and interactive media community to provide business owners with a continuing source of marketing solutions.

From inception to fruition, Rootspring Studios tends to the digital and print media needs of growing businesses. Every company is created with the intent of being a success. We partner with businesses of all sizes to see this intent manifest.

Rootspring specializes in supporting success by following nature's model of a rooted business system.

Plant the Seed

Like searching for fertile ground, we find efficient means of communicating your story to your target market. Once the most effective method is found, we plant your brand into your target market’s consciousness.

Grow Roots

We anchor your business on a strong base of credibility and professionalism. Our services give your company market confidence that can't be second-guessed and communicate your core values.

Tend the Garden

We recognize that all businesses are unique and will grow at a manageable pace. While our services will create market confidence early on, every company will have new challenges that require creative solutions to sustain success. Partnering with Rootspring Studios means your business will be able to tackle those challenges with invested colleagues that make it their job to see you succeed.

Michael O'Caña

Creative/Project Manager

With Michael you get the best of both worlds. As the design and development team leader, he’s organized to a T and while he’s been known to crack a whip, he does so with a smile. He’s also a creative designer with a strong background in print and web who sees what a client is missing and works toward focusing on a solution that the team can follow through on.

As a native to Colorado, born and raised in Woodland Park, Michael has embedded into his mission to see his community and colleagues in small business reach their highest potential through his craft.

Michael enjoys camping, cycling, yo-yoing and dabbling in turntablism.

Michael has a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications from Colorado Technical University and graduated Magna Cum Laude in his class of 2009.